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Re-elect Ross Eadie by allowing the campaign team to set up a sign promoting his re-election to the rest of the voting public. Thanks to many residents, hundreds of election signs have been respectfully installed during previous elections and were removed a few days after. We will remove signs a few days after Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (this year’s election day). We use zip ties to put up signs on fences to avoid damage to your wooden fences.  If you have circumstances out of the ordinary, you can type a note for the campaign team on this form. If you have a corner lot, the team will setup two signs in either direction at the intersection.

There are only two sign sizes available:  large, 48 inches by 32 inches and medium, 32 inches by 24 inches. We do not setup any larger signs except at campaign head quarters at 744 Polson Avenue this year.

Be a part of voting for Ross Eadie to continue his work for a better future in the North End and West Kildonan (Mynarski Ward).

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