Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks


Since becoming city councillor, I have worked with Council colleagues, provincial members of the legislative assembly (MLA), federal workers & members of parliament, city workers, school teachers & principals, not for profit groups and residents to achieve the following improvements and renewals.


Regional Road Renewals


Coming in 2019, Main St. north bound from McAdam Ave. to Leila Ave. will be renewed under the new tri-level government agreement for regional road renewals.


Local Road Renewals


2013 – Leila Ave. from Main St. to Marymound Way

2014 – Seven Oaks Ave. from MainSt. to Jones St.

2014 – Seven Oaks Ave. from Jones St. to Scotia St.

2018 – Kilbride Ave. from Main St. to Scotia St.

2018 – Jones St. from Hartford Ave. to Belmont Ave.

2018 – Colleen Road from Jones St. to Mac St.


Thin Bituminous Overlay


2014 – Hartford Ave. from Jones St. to Scotia St.

2017 – Armstrong Ave. from Marymound Way to Scotia St.


Back Lane Renewals


2016 – Main St. east side from Semple Ave. to Burrin Ave. only

2016 – Main St. east side from Kingsbury Ave. to Royal Ave. only


Park Renewals


  • McGowan Park – removal of bushes to increase safety.
  • Seven Oaks Monument Park (at Main St. and Rupertsland Blvd.) – contributed funding to renewing this park by 2016 dedicated to the “Battle of Seven Oaks”, an event that happened on June 19, 1816 over 50 years before Winnipeg was founded.
  • Kildonan Park – Rainbow Stage mural project, major renovation to the Peguis Pavilion allowing Food Evolution to move in, easing the sloped access to the pond behind the pavilion, renewing of the pond, and the addition of a bocci ball court in front of the pavilion by the parking lot.
  • Kildonan Golf Course – patio and club house upgrades to provide accessibility into the club house which had upgrades to make the building usable in the winter for cross country skiers.




  • Governor Semple School – nature based Adventure Playground




Activity Centres


Cultural Centres and Legions


  • Seven Oaks House Museum -Heritage Garden Project
  • Seven Oaks House museum – Structural Conservation project phase 1




Miscellaneous Facilities