Ross In The News

Councillor Eadie has been in the news about many issues at Winnipeg’s City Hall.  There have been several articles he has written for The Times providing updates, and unfortunately, there have been a number of accountability and conflict of interest issues that Councillor Eadie has had to speak out on to pressure Council to vote for positive change.  Councillor Eadie has leveraged the media for several advocacy efforts related to attempts to solve a number of problems the residents of the Mynarski Ward have raised over the last four years.  Below are links to his Winnipeg Free Press, Our Community newspaper “The Times” Mynarski reports.  A number of issues in the news can be explored by following the issue links.

Mynarski Ward Reports in the Winnipeg Free Press

Canstar Community News, The Times

In Search Of A Fitting Tribute, published June, 2014:

Time for Some Spring Cleaning – Published May, 2014:

Tax Problems In Low Income Areas, published in April, 2014:

Still Many Issues To Address With Community Mail Boxes, published March, 2014:

From Martial Arts to Whist, Vince Leah’s Got It All, published February, 2014:

Ralph Brown CC Has Plenty Of Programs, published January, 2014:

What More To Do About Prevention?, published December, 2013:

Taking a Look At Crime Prevention Part Two, published November, 2013:

Taking A Look At Crime Prevention, part One, published October, 2013:

Please Keep Our Neighbourhoods Clean!, published September, 2013:

Gangs Still A Problem In Mynarski, published August, 2013:

The CRA: How It Is Being Utilized In Mynarski, published July, 2013:

Have Your Say On This Toll Road Idea, published June, 2013:

The Quest For Better Roads, published May, 2013:

Library Board Needs Direction, published April, 2013:

Ross on Conflict of Interest and Accountability at City Hall

CBC local radio:

Winnipeg councillor calls for firing of CAO Phil Sheegl:

More to come later.