Since becoming city councillor, I have worked with Council colleagues, provincial members of the legislative assembly (MLA), federal workers & members of parliament, city workers, school teachers & principals, not for profit groups and residents to achieve the following improvements and renewals.


Regional Road Renewals


Local Road Renewals


Thin Bituminous Overlay


2018 – St. Cross St. from Atlantic Ave. to Polson Ave.


Back Lane Renewals


2014 – McAdam Ave., Matheson Ave. from Main St. east side to Cochran St.


Sidewalk Renewals


Park Renewals




  • Luxton School – parent council’s electronic sign project to better communicate school day and night activities in

the neighbourhood.




Activity Centres


  • Luxton Community Centre – asphalting of the outdoor hockey rink.





  • T. Beth Jacob Synagogue Inc. – renovations of back parking and exterior storage facilities to prevent disallowed activities causing problems for the neighbours and unaffordable expenses.


Miscellaneous Facilities