Since becoming city councillor, I have worked with Council colleagues, provincial members of the legislative assembly (MLA), federal workers & members of parliament, city workers, school teachers & principals, not for profit groups and residents to achieve the following improvements and renewals.


Regional Road Renewals


Coming in 2021, Salter St. from Dufferin Ave. to Selkirk Ave. will be renewed under the new tri-level government agreement for regional road renewals.


2012 – McGregor St. from Dufferin Ave. to Stella Ave.

2012 – McGregor St. from Stella Ave. to Flora Ave.

2012 – McGregor St. from Flora Ave. to Selkirk Ave.


Local Road Renewals


2017 – Andrews St. from Selkirk Ave. to Flora Ave.

2017 – Andrews St. from Flora Ave. to Stella Ave.

2017 – Andrews St. from Stella Ave. to Dufferin Ave.


Thin Bituminous Overlay


2014 – Dufferin Ave. from Arlington St. to Parr St.

2013 – Dufferin Ave. from Parr St. to McKenzie St.


Back Lane Renewals


Sidewalk Renewals


Park Renewals


  • Immaculate Heart Playground – play area upgrade to get rid of old play equipment.


Activity Centres


  • North Winnipeg Nomads – Charlie Krupp Renovation project, Press box project and equipment grants.
  • Aberdeen Club (at Stella & Powers) – minor renovations of the building used by the Winnipeg Boys & Girls Club including painting by the kids, new lightening and other minor repairs.






Activity Centres


Cultural Centres & Legions




Miscellaneous Facilities