2018 Commitments

“I will be voting NO to opening Portage and Main.”


“I am dedicated to work toward these six commitments.”


Continuing Infrastructure Renewal


Our essential infrastructure of roads, sidewalks, bridges, transit facilities, water mains, sewers, and water and sewage processing plants must be improved to allow for population and economic growth and environmental stewardship!


Since Ross advocated for the road renewal programs, 62 blocks of local streets and 32 blocks of regional roads have been renewed in Mynarski. Many sidewalk renewals and TBO treatments were also completed here. Through continued support from Ross and Council, there are many more blocks to be renewed including a few of many regional streets – Main St., Mountain Ave. and Inkster Blvd., and a few of many local streets – Cork Ave., Sutherland Ave. and Andrews St..


Reducing Crime


Our Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) is essential for dealing with today’s crime and social problems on the front line. The WPS has been evolving into a more efficient service with civilianization and divisional changes to reduce overtime and provide more time for officers to be on the street.  It is not the WPS that caused the escalating costs for the Headquarters and land cost for a needed new North District police station.  The WPS needs the facilities and tools to deliver an adequate and effective service.


The demand for WPS service continues to rise due to crystal meth and other issues. In other words, the WPS can’t do it all, and they need strong citizen help to make our city safer.


We need safety strategies in our neighbourhoods, with targeted funding for business improvement zones, not-for-profit agencies and resident associations, to work with the WPS in protecting our families’ safety and property.


We need grant increases for the many prevention, leisure, recreation and sport offerings like 24/7 youth drop-in centres. Instead of the steady decline, we need to renew our own sport, recreation and leisure services – for all of us!


“I have moved a motion on the actions to take with Council voting unanimously for the renewal of Winnipeg’s Safe City Committee originally created by Glen Murray.  The new committee will consider neighbourhood safety strategies, consider grants to fund various efforts under the safety strategies, and track progress in achieving neighbourhood safety.”


Standing Up for Fair City Financing


Our inferior existing infrastructure, shrinking city services, environmental responsibility initiatives and growth all need to be improved and paid for fairly. Fairness exists when people and businesses pay according to their ability. In the face of rising taxes, we cannot continue to provide subsidy to the wealthy, and cut business taxes for those who can afford to pay for essential city services.


“I will continue to present fair and transparent ideas for city financing”


“I support Jenny Motkaluk’s campaign promise to see all residential tax payers pay the same percentage increase instead of being based on market value fluctuations. Under this promise, a one percent increase on a million dollar valued property would be around $110.00, and on a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar house, the increase would be around $28.00 for the year.””


Promoting Living Wages


Our Winnipeg services provided decent paying jobs for many new and existing North Enders and Winnipeggers.  Our parents could afford to raise us so we could realize even better paying jobs.


In the last two decades, Winnipeg has seen lower quality services provided by contractors. Nobody will deliver good service if they are paid less than a “living wage”.


“I will be pushing forward a ‘living wage’ policy for city-delivered and contract-delivered services.”


Improving Parks and Recreation


Our parks, leisure, recreation, and youth sport makes the North End, West Kildonan and Winnipeg a better place to live.  This infrastructure is just as important as roads and bridges.  There is a dire need to renew and improve our parks and recreation facilities!


“Similar to road renewal programs, I will be advocating for park and recreation/sport facilities renewal and improvement programs to deal with our deteriorating parks and recreation facilities. I moved this motion at committee last budget year. The Executive Policy Committee sut down the motion, but Winnipeggers have made it clear that parks and recreation are very important to their quality of life.”


Building the Chief Peguis Extension


North Winnipeg deserves growth just like the South! There is plenty of commercial and industrial opportunity with the Chief Peguis Trail extension west, and Winnipeg’s part of CentrePort. Growth will pay for this extension and solve many traffic problems in Margaret Park and Garden City.  Like Calgary and Edmonton, we need to adopt similar debt policy.


“I will continue to advocate for this project!”